Sometimes we would all like the chance to start over, to make a comeback. Order our booklet ‘Comebacks’ to read about God’s goodness, and his grace at work as it transforms our lives

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For those of us who have blown it or would like a “re-do,” comebacks are high on the agenda. There’s no shortage of things in this world that can “rock our boat” or “upset our applecart.” Natural disasters, human crazies, financial perils, messed-up childhoods—any or all of these can put us down—and keep us there, if we let them. There’s good news though. Getting knocked down isn’t getting knocked out. Whether it’s a sucker punch or a shot from your blind side that dropped you to the ground, you can make a personal comeback. Here’s the dilemma however. Sometimes our best intentions simply aren’t enough. Sometimes what we face is a thing or issue or problem we can’t get past. It’s then when we need to let go, surrendering it to Him who alone has our “back” and our best interest at heart. Understanding this, we then know at the center of our comeback is our “trust in God’s goodness, no matter what,” writes author and Pastor Dion Garrett. “It’s a decision to trust He is good even when everything around you seems to be screaming the opposite, and then to sit back and watch as He shows you His goodness.” God’s goodness, our comeback—His grace at work as it transforms our lives.

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