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Bible On Trial

Check out how the Bible has withstood intense scrutiny from critics and cynics alike in The Bible On Trial: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

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Enjoy the free gaming app, colouring-in pages, Christmas and Easter online calendars, videos and much more for children and families. Happyland is a safe online game for children aged 4 – 7. It’s fun, safe, and free!


This website is designed for 4-7 year old children to introduce them to Jesus. It is a safe place for them to play and learn about the way Jesus teaches us to live.

Messages of hope

Messages of hope is a 15 minute program which uses a contemporary easy listening style offering words of gospel-centred hope to help people cope with life.

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Are you a member of a congregation without a pastor or unable to attend church? You can watch the whole or selected parts of the service either online or on DVD.

About Us

Lutheran Media reaches out to people through media to bring them hope.


Radio Stations and Frequencies

Over 1200 radio stations broadcast Messages of Hope and thousands engage with Social Media. Google searches and other ways to reach out through the internet are used, such as podcasts.


Listening Audience

Through Messages of Hope, millions of people around Australia, New Zealand and the world are being inspired with hope.

Reaching millions of people every week

Watch a short video from
LCANZ Bishop, Rev Paul Smith.

What Listeners Say

Hi i would like to know if you can help me i am in a bad way i live by myself and it is getting very hard please get back to me.
Prayers are always important but never more than now.
I cannot believe the timing…..tomorrow I am attending my favourite aunt’s funeral…..she passed away of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

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