Five Practices for a more content life – no matter who you are

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While we may not be completely satisfied with our lot in life – and let’s face it, most of us want more – to label oneself as an “ingrate” seems a bit harsh. Nevertheless, that’s what the author of this booklet does. Why he does so is because he knows deep down inside there’s more to true contentment than a five-star home, a wife and family, and an expanding bank account. Contentment in this world is an elusive thing. Even with our necessities met and a few perks thrown in for good measure, it can still feel like something’s missing. The truth of the matter is there will always be a void if we tie our sense of inner peace to the fleeting things of this world. Offering insight on some key “practices” to implement concerning contentment, the author shows how being truly satisfied is very much tied to our perspective. Citing the apostle Paul’s illuminating view on contentment as found in the book of Philippians, the author drills down to the source of the peace and satisfaction in this life.

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