Donations & Bank Transfers

Did you know….

Lutheran Media relies solely on donations. The work we deliver to Australia and New Zealand relies on the wonderful support of everyone.

In society today so many people are facing serious issues that are impacting many aspects of their lives. At Lutheran Media, we provide support, guidance, and hope through all avenues of media, continuing our work of giving hope.

Thanks to our supporters, the love and joy we are spreading has been life changing to millions of people.

You can donate to Lutheran Media in many ways, including via bank transfer, credit and debit card. For donation options click here. To donate now click here.

Regular giving

Regular giving is a crucial way to support our work and our aim of reaching as many people as possible with messages of hope. Regular givers provide Lutheran Media with assurance that current programs can continue and projects can be appropriately budgeted. Plus, regular givers enjoy the peace of mind of determining their level of support and resting in the knowledge that their support is occurring ‘behind the scenes.’

If you would like to become a regular giver, complete the Regular Giver Form or contact us in the office on 1800 350 353 or email