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You’re welcome!

Think about what you’d feel like going to a new church. You’d want to feel welcome, you‘d want to feel relaxed, you’d want to feel that this could be your new church home… Every Sunday is an opportunity to provide an amazing welcome to all that come along.

To learn more about welcoming others to your community, listen to ‘You’re welcome!’

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Festival Of Learning - Challenging Our Digital Boundaries

The first step in coming to your church is going to your website.

For more tips and tricks on leveraging digital platforms for Kingdom impact. watch ‘Challenging our digital boundaries: social media and web presence as missional opportunities.’

Speaker Bios


  • Using social media for outreach
  • Developing a mission-focussed website
  • Discipling others via media
  • Worship and online opportunities
  • Utilising Christian online content for missional impact
  • Congregational renewal and the role of media
  • Engaging emerging generations through media
  • How to bring hope through media
  • And the work of Lutheran Media!

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