Our Mission

LUTHERAN MEDIA – Communicating Christ

Lutheran Media reaches out to people through media to bring them hope.

Since 1945, Lutheran Media has been using media such as radio, TV, internet and print to reach and engage with people.

Thanks to people like you who support us with their encouragement, donations and prayers, Lutheran Media reaches out to millions of people every week with the good news of Jesus Christ and his message of hope.

You can partner with us by making a donation now at www.lutheranmedia.org.au/donation.

Through Messages of Hope, millions of people around Australia, New Zealand and the world are being inspired with hope.

Over 800 radio stations broadcast Messages of Hope and thousands engage with Social Media. Google searches and other ways to reach out through the internet are used, such as podcasts.

Listen to the Messages of Hope podcasts, watch YouTube videos and read inspiring stories of hope at www.messagesofhope.org.au and www.messagesofhope.org.nz.

For children and families, have fun on www.happyland.com.au. It is an adventure game with activities to do and videos to watch. You can download the App through the webpage and on iTunes.

Lutheran Media is a department of the Lutheran Church of Australia, where love comes to life (www.lca.org.au).

Lutheran Media works with congregations to share worship services by DVD and stream online. Go to www.lutheranmedia.org.au/worship to watch a worship service and order a DVD.

Lutheran Media partners with Lutheran Hour Ministries (www.lhm.org) and distributes their resources to help people with hope.